Magnolia Glaze (1/4 Pound)


Quarter Pound

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JOSEPHINE MAGNOLIA POWDER GLAZE for overglaze painting: this beautiful, bright off-white glaze can be used on glazed ceramics, bisque, on porcelain which has been whinked, and on any overglaze piece which needs a higher, brighter glaze before or after you paint.

Mix this powder glaze with any Oil/Medium or with the Water Mediums: OJ2 Josephine Fast Drying Water Medium or OR4 Josephine Slow Drying Water Medium.

We have used the Magnolia over all colors with no effect on the color value except for reds and oranges. Please test fire the Magnolia over such colors before painting on a good piece. For a CLEAR GLAZE, use our Josephine PINK Glaze which fires totally clear.