Seminar Medium 4 OZ


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Josephine VM 154 – Seminar Medium – 4 OZ Size – a semi-open painting medium which means it will stay open and workable for 2-3 days time, or a seminar length of time. A wonderful, light oil that still holds a lot of paint on the brush and lets it flow evenly and smoothly. It’s a great medium to blend backgrounds with as well.

You can also mix your paints with the VM 154 Medium; they will eventually dry on you palette. Just add another drop of Medium to reactivate your paints. If you want your mixed paints to never dry, we recommend you use Kathy’s Always Open Medium, OK1 and OK1-4 (4oz).

Can be used for both porcelain and glass painting. As with all oils and mediums, please use with caution and care, and with good ventilation in your painting area and when firing.

Size: 4 OZ Plastic Bottle