Opaque White J


2 Dram Vial

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We found the best OPAQUE White for overglaze painting that will cover even black. As you can see from the photo, I used it in a shaded load with my #6 Josephine Pointed Shader brush to allow some of the black background to show through. You can apply it heavier for complete opaque coverage too. Or you can do multiple applications, firing in-between.

Mix as usual with your regular mixing and painting medium: Open – Always Open Medium or Fast Drying: Pollyanna Medium for 2 ideas. Fire any overglaze temperature from Cone .014 – .018. For a Water Based Medium, use OJ2 Josephine Water Medium Fast Drying, or, OR4 Josephine Water Medium Slow Drying.

Fire to entire overglaze firing temperatures: HOT: Cone .014, 870 C, 1596 F; to COOL: Cone .019, 723 C, 1333F.